1st dev update V 0.6.0 released

About the game

Auri’s Tales is a tiny 3D adventure game in which players will need to solve a series of linear and non linear quests to get access to the castle and complete the game. The whole game will be contained in one single level that works as a mini open world that players can freely explore and evokes to the classic 3D platformers.

Current Development Stage (V 0.6.1)

We think that the game is currently in a beautiful development stage. We have most of the logic that we need to build it, and currently we are working on the level design, creating and placing quests, coins, enemies... and thinking on how can we ensure that the game have a duration of 1 / 2 hours. 

We are constantly refining the character controller and the camera system, and also doing some random R&D, for instance, recently we have been able to run the game on a Xbox One S at around 60fps.

If you have doubts or want to know something else, don't hesitate to write us! =)

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